Resolution: To Be Considered

Whereas the Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn (LID) support the following development guidelines:

1. Major development projects should go through a stringent, inclusive community review process.

2. The dispensing of all public property should be done to maximize the financial health of the government agency.

3. Eminent domain or the threat of eminent domain should be used sparingly, if ever, and should not be used for a project whose "civic" nature is unclear while also enriching a private developer.

4. RFPs should be issued at the beginning of a disposal process.

5. Private developers should not benefit from special allowances and tax breaks promulgated for their advantage.

6. All projects in The City of New York should comply with both the letter and spirit of NYC's Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) and not destroy the character and scale of affected neighborhoods.

7. Environmental rules should be strictly adhered to and enforced.

Therefore, let it be understood that the position of LID is that failure on any one of these grounds would be sufficient for this club to reject any project and, as the Forest City Ratner (FCR) proposal does not adequately address the above-referenced issues or fails said issues, LID rejects and opposes the FCR Atlantic Yards proposal.

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