Officers & Executive Board

2019 Proposed Leadership Slate (Nominated by the 2018 Board on January 16, 2019)

President: Jared B. Arader, Esq.¹
Vice President: Nicholas Tamborra
Vice President: Karen Merbaum
Corresponding Secretary: Renee Vera Cafiero¹
Treasurer: Daniel Tietz, Past President

Executive Board
Scott Klein, Immediate Past President (2019 - 2022)¹
Tom Burrows, Esq., Past President (2018 - 2021)³
Robert Atterbury¹
Arthur Bouie
Alejandra Carabello, Esq.
Mary Cooley, Past President
Michael DiNapoli
Erin Drinkwater, Past President
Michael Fagan
Peter Fleming³
Crystal Hudson¹
Brian Kenny¹
Joe Kopitz¹
Michael Mallon
Carol Marker
Matthew McMorrow, Past President
Samy Nemir Olivares
Hon. Josue Pierre¹ ²
Eugene Resnick
Caleb Simmons¹
Jean Stabinsky

Ex Officio
David Shanton, Past President
Hon. Carlos Menchaca, Past President
Terrance Knox, Past President
Michael Czaczkes, Past President
Hon. Alan Fleishman, Past President*
Robert Merkle, Digital Strategist
Jared Trujillo, Esq.

¹ Kings County Democratic Party Committee Member
² New York State Democratic Party Committee Member
³ Community Board Member


2018 Leadership

President: Scott Klein
Vice President:  Jared Arader
Corresponding Secretary: Renee Cafiero
Treasurer: Scott Klein

2018 Executive Board Members
Robert Atterbury                                           
Arthur Bouie     
Tom Burrows                                             
Erin Drinkwater                                             
Alan Fleishman
Peter Fleming
Brian Kenny
Joe Kopitz
Ivan Luevanos
Carol Marker
Karen Merbaum
Matthew McMorrow
Samy Nemir Olivares
David Parrish
Eugene Resnick
Jean Stabinsky
Joseph Tanzi
Ex Officio:
Tom Burrows
Dan Tietz
David Shanton
Carlos Menchaca
Terrance Knox
Michael Czaczkes
In Memoriam: Kay Mackey (1959-2018), Vice President


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