LID'S Fall Curtain Call - Nov. 17th

Celebrate with us...




Join us to celebrate all we have accomplished together in the 2012 election season. We celebrate our endorsed candidates who won their races, and we salute the progressive and pro-equality candidates who gave voice to our values and ran impressive campaigns we are all proud to have supported.


Saturday, November 17th
4pm - 7pm


390 Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215


Cash bar. If you like the work LID has been doing, please consider making a year-end donation of $25 or more so we can start off strong in 2013. Cash, checks and credit cards to be accepted at the door.


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LID helped to re-elect President Obama. LID members traveled to Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio to help his campaign. The president won all four swing states. LID also sponsored Downstate Young Democrats’ efforts to send young Democrats to swing states for the last few weeks of the campaign. The LGBT community has never had a better friend in the White House; now we have him there for another four years.

LID participated in Marriage Equality USA’s successful 20 Million More campaign to win marriage equality in Maryland, Washington and Maine. The states became the first in the nation where voters - not judges or legislators - chose to give equal marriage rights to LGBT couples. The campaign also helped defeat a constitutional amendment in Minnesota that would have banned marriage equality. LID members made phone calls to ME, MD, MN and WA, and some even traveled to Maine and Maryland to knock on doors.

Openly gay NY candidate Sean Patrick Maloney won his race for Congress, which several LID members supported. We also celebrate the victory of Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, who will become the nation's first openly gay U.S. Senator.

We helped re-elect Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, an outstanding ally of the LGBT community and a leader in the fights to repeal DADT and DOMA.

We supported a handful of young, dynamic, and progressive candidates who had the courage and tenacity to run smart, energized and sophisticated campaigns against establishment candidates. Most notably, Andrew Gounardes, Jason Otaño and Lincoln Restler may have fallen short this year, but they are future leaders of Brooklyn, we are proud to have supported them, and we look forward to the contributions they will make to our communities in the years to come.

We helped re-elect Congressmembers Nydia Velazquez, Jerry Nadler, Carolyn Maloney, and Yvette Clarke, and we helped elect Brooklyn's newest member of Congress, Hakeem Jeffries.

​ We helped re-elect State Senators Eric Adams, Diane Savino, Daniel Squadron, Kevin Parker, and Velmanette Montgomery.

​We helped re-elect Assemblymembers Rhoda Jacobs, Joan Millman, and Jim Brennan, and we supported the election of Walter Mosley to the NY State Assembly.

We helped elect Civil Court Judicial candidates Wavny Toussaint, Craig Walker, and Richard Montelione, the first openly-gay public official elected in Brooklyn in 14 years.

We helped re-elected District Leaders Jo Anne Simon, Chris Owens, Lori Knipel, Jacob Gold, and Joanne Seminara.

LID became a member of the Brooklyn Reform Coalition, which elected over 100 new members to Brooklyn’s Democratic County Committee. The Coalition, along with reform District Leaders Chris Owens, Lincoln Restler and Jo Anne Simon, successfully secured much-needed reforms of the Kings County Democratic Party.

LID joined the New Yorkers Against Fracking coalition.

LID participated in the Silent March Against Stop & Frisk.

LID Co-Presidents Carlos Menchaca and Matthew McMorrow and former Co-President Erin Drinkwater were selected to attend the Democratic National Convention. Menchaca was a delegate, Drinkwater was a Platform Committee Member, and McMorrow was a guest of Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez.

LID continued its support of the AIDS Memorial Park, the Ali Forney Center, the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, the NYC Anti-Violence Project and many other organizations doing good work for Brooklyn and the LGBT community.

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