LID Responds to Paladino's Bigoted Remarks

Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn is outraged that Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor, would see fit to spew hatred and extraordinary ignorance of the LGBT community, while standing in Brooklyn, one of the most vibrant and diverse communities in the world.  This conduct is especially reprehensible at a time when bigots and bullies have recently tortured, beaten and in some cases taken the lives of a number of innocent LGBT New Yorkers.  Mr. Paladino may think he is scoring political points by siding with extremists, but his words are exactly the reason why so many people continue to think it is acceptable to attack LGBT people.  His words feed into a culture of bigotry and violence, whose victims, sadly, are usually the most vulnerable among us, our youth.  Mr. Paladino's disturbing comments and beliefs are just the latest demonstration that he utterly lacks the necessary character, morals and judgment to serve in any public office, much less as governor of the great and diverse state of New York.

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