At this evening's Empire State Pride Agenda Dinner, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced executive action intended to protect transgender people from discrimination. The Governor will direct the State Division of Human Rights to issue regulations that would extend existing protections against discrimination so that they cover “gender identity, transgender status and gender dysphoria.”

Following this announcement, Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn released the following statement:

"We are encouraged that Governor Andrew Cuomo and his team successfully found a way to protect transgender New Yorkers through the use of executive action; however, we are disappointed that the governor is not putting the same political capital into the protection of transgender New Yorkers as he once did marriage equality. For years, LID, advocacy groups and elected officials including Brooklyn's own Senator Daniel Squadron have been fighting to pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act in order to add gender identity and expression to the categories already included in our state’s anti-discrimination laws.

Today, a New Yorker could move from New York City to Nassau County and be fired from a job, denied housing, and mistreated in restaurants merely because of their appearance or gender identity. Transgender New Yorkers should not have to navigate piecemeal local protections to determine where they will and won’t be discriminated against.
We call on the governor to think long term - 20 states currently extend protections based on gender expression and identity in their state laws. The protections advanced through executive action must be enshrined into New York State law and thus not subject to the political leanings of future governors. Further, we call on all progressive New Yorkers and political clubs across the state to redouble their efforts to take back the Senate, ensuring that issues such as GENDA, the Dream Act, No Condoms As Evidence and the NY/NY IV agreement are signed into law."

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