LID Reacts to Brooklyn Community Pride Center Leadership Transition

JANUARY 12, 2015

Brooklyn, NY: Last week, Brooklyn Community Pride Center (BCPC) Executive Director Erin Drinkwater announced her resignation. Erin is also a former President of LID and has served on the organization’s board. Following this news, LID President Michael Czaczkes released the following comment:

“On behalf of LID, I would like to thank Erin for all of the amazing work she has accomplished on behalf of Brooklyn’s LGBTQ community. She helped put our borough’s pride center back on the map and achieve milestones that were just visions when she started three years ago. BCPC has gone from a 600 square foot walk up to a 1,600 square foot, ground floor space providing greater access for programs and services; there has been a 65% increase in program participation; and the operating budget has increased almost 38%.

And those are just a few of the accomplishments that happened under her tenure. I wish Erin all the best luck in the future and look forward to continue working with BCPC.”

Following the news, BCPC announced a leadership transition and plan in consultation with Erin and the Board of Governors.

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