Lambda Independent Democrats (LID) LID Welcomes New Governor

"We have a friend in David Paterson"

Lambda Independent Democrats welcomed the incoming governor today as both a friend and ally of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. "David Patterson is someone we know well and has proven to be a solid ally of our community," said LID Co-President Terrance Knox, "we warmly welcome him into the governor's office."

Co-President Dan Willson, said the new governor can expect the support of both LID and the Brooklyn LGBT community. "We know we have a friend in David Paterson and he can expect both our support and encouragement as he seeks to move our state from turmoil to unity."

Paterson, who was born in Brooklyn and served 20 years in the State Senate has been a genuine leader on LGBT issues over the years. In 1987, Paterson refused to pass a state hate-crimes bill that didn't provide protections for gays and lesbians. Paterson has been on record in support of marriage equality as early as 1994.

Following his inauguration in January 2007, when asked about his position on marriage equality he told the New York Blade, "I'm not going to be in that fight-I'm going to be in front of that fight because my first day as [senate minority leader] was the day we passed the Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act. One of the reasons we need same-sex marriage is because the statistics for heterosexual marriage are so bad; that might be a way to upgrade some of the success rates."

With such a strong history of supporting for our community, LID of Brooklyn is pleased to join the LGBT community in welcoming the incoming Governor. "We look forward to realizing our shared vision of making civil marriage the law in New York State," said Knox.

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