Brooklyn's Lambda Independent Democrats Call for Kings County Democrats to Remove Judge Martin Solomon's Name from Consideration for Supreme Bench; Cite Approval of Gay-Baiting Leaflets During Campaign

Lambda Independent Democrats of Brooklyn (LID), the borough's only Democratic political club representing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities, has demanded that the Executive Committee of the Kings County Democratic Committee (KCDC) remove Judge Martin Solomon's name from consideration for State Supreme Court because of anti-gay leaflets distributed during a past campaign.

In a letter sent to KCDC Chair Clarence Norman on Monday, Club President Dan Tietz explains that in 1989, Mr. Solomon served as campaign manager for the "Friends of Dan Feldman for Brooklyn DA" campaign. During that campaign, several thousand copies of a leaflet were distributed in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn on the eve of the Sabbath. The leaflet stated that "Homosexual Democrats" and "the Village Voice" supported Joe Hynes, who was Mr. Feldman's primary opponent, and asked, "How will you vote?" It was signed and printed by the "Friends of Dan Feldman."

According to news reports (copies of which are available), the leaflet was allegedly authorized for use in the campaign by Mr. Solomon, the campaign's manager who was a State Senator at the time.

"The message was clearly intended to 'scare' Jewish voters into voting for Dan Feldman and avoiding a candidate who appeared to have the support of the LGBT community. The incident was widely reported in the media and Mr. Feldman subsequently apologized to the gay community. Mr. Solomon remained strangely silent, however, and has never apologized for or explained his actions in the creation or distribution of this gay-baiting leaflet," said Mr. Tietz. (A full copy of the letter is attached.)

"It's yet another incident that graphically demonstrates why the Brooklyn Democrats' judicial screening process needs to be drastically reformed," said Alan Fleishman, Democratic District Leader from the 52nd AD and a former President of LID. "The use of these unethical campaign tactics by Justice Solomon raises serious questions about his ability to serve on the Supreme Court of Kings County. I urge all of my fellow District Leaders to take a careful look at this incident before agreeing to support Justice Solomon for Supreme Court."

In the letter, Mr. Tietz had asked Mr. Norman to respond by noon today. Mr. Norman has not yet responded.

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