Alice A. Nicholson

Alice A. Nicholson

Civil Court - 6th District

Q. Why are you qualified to be a judge?
A. I have served New York communities, including Brooklyn, for almost 30 years as a lawyer. My mission and passion has been protecting and defending the rights of individuals who would not otherwise have a voice within the judicial system. Beginning 2009 in my private practice, I have been focusing on stemming the tide of the foreclosure epidemic--saving homes from foreclosure for families in our Brooklyn communities and elsewhere in New York. During my legal career, I worked on obtaining Social Security benefits for seniors and the disabled--including some members of the LGBTQ community. My commitment to service includes the Supreme Court, Appellate Division--2nd Department, where I worked alongside judges and assist in reaching just decisions. We worked on a wide range of civil, criminal and administrative cases. ` I also represented criminal defendants on appeal, through the 18B Assigned Counsel Panel, and made every effort to protect their rights. I have experience inside the courthouse and outside in the courtroom. My legal writing is extensive. I seek to serve as a judge because I have the required skills, experience, wisdom, and
a strong moral compass.

Q: What interventions and resources do you believe are required to ensure that all judges and court personnel competently and respectfully serve and work with the LGBTQ community? What steps will you take to secure the necessary resources to implement the interventions?
A: A judge is required to exercise intelligence, fairness, honesty, integrity and justice when hearing and deciding the facts of a case and reaching a fair decision. A judge must be impartial and respectful to all persons who come before the Court and be sensitive to specific needs and available resources to assist those who appear in court. Court personnel and judges should be familiar with--and receive training about--the needs and resources already available to the LGBTQ community, including New York City rules promulgated to protect members from eviction, to preserve housing, to protect health and to avoid discrimination. I have worked on Social Security Disability and SSI claims for individuals with health issues and I am well aware of privacy restrictions surrounding health. I know and highly respect Scott Kohanowski, Project Director, Homeowner Stability, City Bar Justice Center; I work alongside Scott in court as we fight to save homes in Brooklyn. Scott is my personal resource for information dealing with LGBTQ topics.

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